Raggas Lark Lane

All mains come with a SIDE and a SMALL of your choice

About Lark Lane

Smithdown road was a hit, because let’s face it… Liverpool needed a good source of authentic Jamaican food. It proved so popular that we decided we needed to expand, and where better than the famous Lark Lane?

Lark Lane was just right for us; laid back, bohemian and with some of the best bars and restaurants in Liverpool all we had to do was bring our own twist on things… Oh and the sunshine!

Now for our Lark Lane restaurant we decided things needed to be a little bit bigger, because you lot just kept coming back for more! So you guys want to eat in? Then why not book! You guys wanted to take out? Take a look at our take out menu while we fix you some jerk chicken on the go! You guys want delivery? Anywhere within a 3 mile radius & we’ve got you rice & peas to your door! At Lark Lane we decided to take it up a notch, because good food and even better service doesn’t sit still… and neither do we. So pop down & check us out, but don’t forget to book in because we hate having to turn people away!